Hello World!

Update Log

March 28, 2023: Added the "about", "Links", "credits", "site map" and "projects" page and gave them custom backgrounds. There is unique text on each page, but no links or pictures. I am considering adding a text box to the main body that scrolls so the background and sidebars stay static and won't be stretched into nothing while the middle column goes on for miles. I discovered that neocities does not like files or folders named "about" because when I tried to link my "about" page to my "about.html" file, it just... wouldn't work??? Anyone know why that is? Added some social links to the bottom of the left sidebar on the main page. I might change them later for a more uniform look, and maybe move them to the right sidebar.

March 27, 2023: I figured out how to adjust the size of the background image. Changed the image again. Current bg image credit goes to Lemat Works from tumblr. I will add a credits page for all images I use that I do not create myself (assuming I can find the original creator, that is, or the closest thing to it). I am now trying to figure out how to add additional pages and link to them. I figure I could get the meat of the website up and running first, then add the trimmings later to make it look nice. Note to self-think about making a thin rectangular image to put between paragraphs, as a pseudo break line.

March 26,2023: The actual customization of this site begins, as I stumble through the code, unearthing the scant bits of HTML coding I taught myself back in the day on Neopets, and looking warily at all this fancy CSS. I start by simply erasing premade text and adding my own. No links work yet as no other pages exist yet. I changed the background, but can't figure out how to change the size of the bg image. I will be looking into this at a later date.

March 25, 2023: a pre-made neocities theme was added to the site so it wouldn't look so goddamn empty and depressing, even though I still don't know exactly how I want the site to look

March 21, 2023: Website was created today in a blind surge of hopeless nostalgia, then left untouched for 4 days because I created the site late at night the day before the start of my work week. In the meantime, I fall down rabbit holes about geocities/neocities and old 90s websites for inspiration's sake.